Seth Becker rolled in for his interview with his 'Silver Surfer' metal resonator guitar in hand all chipper and I'm like, 'Dude, how are you so chipper in the morning?!?' Turns out, unlike most musicians he's an early bird too. We birds of a feather chirped on for what seemed like an hour or so but it was merely minutes. Meet the Irishman of many instruments in The Birdseed Bandits with a singular red beard (and a wit to go with it) that you could spot from space. Listen in as he blows up our classic hits radio station with his foot-stomping mountain music!


photo: (The Birdseed Bandits) Chris Penree

Learn more about CNY's own version of 'Yukon Cornelius'!


photo: (Seth Becker) Keith James

Now for his original foot-stomper that'll elicit a Yee-haw out of you!


How about this pro music video of Seth and the boys doing their thing out in the wilderness!



photo: (Seth Becker) Keith James / TSM