Rocky Graziano (not to be confused with the boxer) has been an area musician for a good number of years and actually played bass during my first ever band show. He had already achieved veteran status by then, playing in Showtime and now he's in the band Soundbarrier with fellow '50 Days' alumnus, Michael Peek. But besides music, this single dad is into several other irons in the fire that might surprise you. Listen in to find out what!


photo: (Rocky Graziano) Mad Angel Films

Just what is happening behind the scenes with this guy?


photo: (Rocky Graziano) Keith James / TSM

And now for his original song and more...


Rocky & Mike in Soundbarrier at the Celtic Harp this past summer...



Rocky's son Julian is engrossed in the interview... Or not.


photo: (Rocky & Julian Graziano) Keith James / TSM


One half of 'Filet of Soul'... Look what you helped start Rock.


photo: (Rocky Graziano) Keith James / TSM


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