He was discouraged by music teachers in grade school but one encouraged him to find his own voice while having fun, and now Mike Santalucia is the lead singer of one of the biggest name bands in Central New York! This Victory biker is full of thanks to his teach for getting the ball rolling and to his band and fans alike for keeping the ride going for the past 14 years. Listen in as he tells his story and as we team up for the first time ever on an Aerosmith cover...


photo: (Mike Santalucia) Brandon Teuscher

Learn more about The Bomb's front man!


photo: (Mike Santalucia) Keith James / TSM

Here goes Mike and I with our live cover of Aerosmith's 'Dream On'

Here's The BOMB At this past summer's Fireworks over Utica.. See some of the intensity that Mike was talking about...



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