This snowbird digs the sunnier skies in Florida, but after spending three decades here in the weather-afflicted Mohawk Valley establishing himself as one of our kings of blues, Midnite Mike can't help but always make his way back! He's played with the real Blues Kings, like B.B. himself and was even instrumental in giving the new king a leg up when he was young, the incomparable Joe Bonamassa. When he sneaks back here this spring he'll be playing with all of his pals, some of which you've met on this show, so listen in to learn more about this local legend!


photo: (Joe Bonamassa & Midnite Mike) Kim Ahern

Meet the man who helped a young Smokin' Joe get bitten by the performance bug!



photo: (Tom Townsley & Midnite Mike) Mark Sterns

Now find out what new stuff Mike's got up his shorter sleeves than ours!


Now witness the moment that Mike's former protege, Joe Bonamassa invited him onstage for a change...



Our bluesy guest and 'You-know-who'...


photo: (Midnite Mike @ B. B. King) Bonnie Harvath


Mike and some of his buds, the boys from 'Downshift', of whom the drummer Ken Race was our All Star Drummer, bassist Billy Carman was on the 50 Days series and guitar player, Scott Fleming was also nominated...


photo: (Downshift) Bobbie Sue Dorety