Jimmy Agard learned the way many of us did, by trial and error wearing out tape after tape. Yeah, cassette tapes! He's the axe-man in the band Hot Roxx with our very own All-Star singer, Kelly Preston. His bandmate, Erik kicked off the 50 Musicians series and now here he is as we're coming down to the wire. You may've bought your vehicle from him at Fuccillo's or you'll def make the trip once you find out what unique tool he uses in order to attract buyers and of course keep himself occupied on rainy days!


photo: (James Agard, Erik Strail, Kelly Preston) Mike Jaquays

Learn more about Hot Roxx and this Irish Catholic's musical stompin' grounds


photo: (James Agard) Keith James / TSM

Hear Jim do a cover tune and hear what he's up to offstage...



"Man I want thissss..." Jim drooling at the dealership. Billy won't miss just one little Mustang now will he?


photo: (James Agard) Ben Green


Um, I forgot what was so funny here... You'll never know.


photo: (James Agard) Keith James / TSM