Gary Johnson is a legend to the residents of Sylvan Beach where he grew up and is on a mission to see how far the ripples can spread from where the pebble was dropped 30 years ago. He and I used to play together in Utica's shooting star band, Dashboard Nixon and now he's up for an award that previously crowned the likes of Matt Nathanson and Howie Day. You're in charge of his fate this time so listen in while he tells his story as the next of our 50 Musicians in 50 Days and plays some Beatles for us too!


photo: (Gary Johnson) Keith James / TSM

The Gary Basics, Plus His Performance Of The Beatles' 'Yesterday'


photo: (uncredited) random Saranac/Dashboard fan

More About Gary Behind The Scenes


And if you've never seen Gary in action before, here's another taste, but this time in living color! Watch...



photo: (Gary Johnson) Keith James / TSM

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