Devin's is a name I'd heard before entering the music scene as a player and I'm proud that he's been a part of my musical journey almost since it began. His versatility allows him to burn a solo over the most complex jazz changes, and also to fit into just about any other musical situation effortlessly as you'll see below.  Learn more about his journey and hear two guys who haven't spoken in a few years catch up, and that's not all you'll hear. We couldn't let him out of here without getting him to play a tune and he invited me to play along with him, so we just made some stuff up on the spot... Ever the master that he is, Devin just took what I threw him and punched it out of the park! Listen in.


photo: (Devin Garramone, Jeff Palmer) Autum Rotach

Meet Devin and hear about some things he's got on the horizon!


photo: (Devin Garramone) Keith James / TSM

Now lets let our instruments do some talking!


photo: (Devin Garramone) UticaJazz


Here's some riffing that Devin did off-air to some tasty drum tracks...


PS- You heard Devin mention that he's got a couple of brand new discs coming out with his buddy Jeff Palmer and while you're waiting for the new material, you can find all of Devin's previous work online at Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and several other places! Grab some and support local music beyond clicking on this interview!


In the meantime, here's some more Devin, Jeff & Jax to whet your appetite further!



photo: (Devin Garramone) Keith James / TSM