Bob Halligan, Jr. is the epitome of a rags to riches story, starting life in an orphanage to becoming one of the most respected songwriters in the business and that's just the tip of the musical iceberg of who this S.U. prof is and what he's accomplished. His nationally-acclaimed Irish Rock baby 'Ceili Rain' that he birthed almost 20 years ago is on it's way through town again for this St. Pats season and we snagged him for a convo about the band and his life besides. Eavesdrop and learn what exactly is just a short drive down the Thruway.


photo: Ceili Rain

Listen to a conversation that's almost a decade in the making!


photo: (Bob Halligan) Jack O'Bocchino

Learn more about Bob and the origins of 'Ceili Rain'...


Bob with a candid preview of one of the songs from Ceili Rain's newest CD...



Bob as a dang good Paul McCartney!! Have you seen any better? I mean LOOK at him, much less the sound!



And lastly, a bearded Bob with a taste of a Ceili Rain show, minus the train engine of course!