Well we're finally here, I'm posting about the final guest musician for the 50 Musicians in 50 Days. Even though I'm kinda bummed that this whole series is over, that was only after the great time I had with Blaine Holcomb of the Fulton Chain Gang who was the perfect guy to help me wrap this up. This Brad Paisley look-a-like and I were actually there the day each of our current careers kicked off and now we're both in the same room together because of it. Hear us recount that day and more and listen in too as we play a song from FCG's new album and try to stump the listeners as to what station they're listening to!


photo: (Blaine Holcomb) Jody Holcomb

Meet Fulton Chain Gang's front man and learn a couple of things about him!


photo: (Fulton Chain Gang) Lori Storms

Now let's get our country on one last time with a cut from FCG's new album!


photo: (Blaine Holcomb) Keith James / TSM

Now for details on the chance meeting that ultimately led to today's convo...


Here's the video of Blaine at the competition he won where both of our lives changed!



Blaine's the one in the white... Dig it!


photo: (Baline Holcomb) Brendon Rusch


 Blaine could be Brad's stunt double!


photo: Blaine Holcomb