You've seen the blonde behind the microphone and her ever-faithful hubby behind the keys at places like Georgio's and the Yahnundasis, but now you get to be a fly on the wall as Amy Lyn tells her story on what led to her and Paulie together and more, like what she likes to do when she's not burning down the covers in her piano-bar style duo. THey're also going to be the entertainment on the Oldiez 96 float for the Utica St. Patrick's Day Parade later next month!


photo: (Amy Lyn and Paulie) Tim Perry / TSM

Listen in as we chat it up and dig into Amy Lyn's backstory, work and hobbies


photo: (Amy Lyn and Paulie) Keith James / TSM

And now for a taste of the duo, how about a P!nk cover?


Check them out in action unplugged on a REAL piano!!



photo: (Amy Lyn & Paulie) Keith James / TSM

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