If you've ever been to New York City and were looking for an Irish pub, you may have stumbled upon (no pun intended) McSorley's Old Ale House at 15 east 7th. Street. Every time my wife and I are in the Big Apple, it's a must stop, especially for me. And February marks McSorley's 160th anniversary.

Spencer Platt, Getty Images News
Mario Tama, Getty Images News

When you enter McSorley's, it's like taking a step back in time. There's an old wooden bar with wooden back bar, sawdust on the floor and their standard two for one ale deal. You can get two types of draft beer: McSorley's Pale Ale or McSorley's Dark, take your pick.

Here's a brief history according to mcsorleysnewyork.com:

McSorley's Old Ale House opened in February, 1854 by John McSorley.

The establishment can boast that it's New York City's oldest continuously operated saloon. Everyone from Abraham Lincoln to John Lennon has passed through their doors. What began as a working man's saloon is now a New York icon, still with the slogan "Be Good Or Be Gone." And they also have a saying, "We Were Here Before You Were Born", and they're right.

When my wife and I have been there, we noticed old framed newspaper clippings from the sinking of the Titanic to Presidents elected. There are photos of those who have frequented the pub, and I took notice of a picture of Dan Rather in his trenchcoat.

So, cheers to Old McSorley's Ale House on your 160th birthday. "Keep being good, and you'll never be gone".

McSorley's Old Ale House, 15 East 7th Street, New York, BY 10003, 212.474.9148