So, not only are they enlarging your waistline but now they're not going to require you to burn the couple of calories that the drive to and from the restaurant would take. They'll come to you... Time for obesity to become even more of an epidemic than it already is.

They tested this service in 2012 in Japan and other countries and due to it's smashing success, rolled out delivery on the entire island in 2013. Burger King has also recently been delivering to parts of NYC and other cities so it's only a matter of time before the Golden Arches in our area catch on. There are three ways to order too according to the Singapore website. Just call, or order at their website and there's even an iPhone app that you can order from too! There's a catch though... gotta order at least $10 worth of food AND there is a delivery charge unless you order $22 of greasy goodies. Is the convenience worth it?