You know that moment when you're totally lost, just surfing YouTube looking for something to make your day? Enter Matt Mulholland's 2009 recorder cover video with his Kenny G-esque hair and seriously funny choreography that is so horribly bad that it's good... we found his most recent video and stumbled upon this one which we think deserves every single one of the 4.4 million views it's gotten... You WILL cry wile watching, either from laughter or from raped eardrums. Either way, Matt is a genius and a new favorite of ours! I can't remember the last time I cried from laughing so hard but it takes a virtual perfect storm of conditions to make it happen. Gotta go grab some tissues, brb. All of us grown men in the office are suffering from a sudden lack of breath!



UPDATE: Just watched this for a second time after thinking I had no tears left, and the waterworks turned on again... Bravo brother, simply BRAVO.




The Official Funniest Internet Music Video (8 Years Of YouTube Awesomeness At Once)

YouTube is only 8 years old but it seems longer and is obviously plenty of time to rack up some of the craziest footage ever caught on camera! Check out this video and in this blogger's opinion, without the kick-ass soundtrack these vids are nowhere NEAR funny.