Since most of the jobs we have these days requires little physical work, it's easy to see why guys are exercising. What are some manly exercises you can do to get in better shape?

Here are some "manly challenges" from to help ensure we stay strong and maintain our edge:

  • Perform 100 Push-Ups- A feat of strength.
  • Run 10 Miles- A feat of endurance.
  • Learn a Martial Art- This requires a bit of commitment, which is needed in our soft society, isn't it?
  • Try an Extreme Sports- From bungee jumping to skiing to sky diving... getting involved in extreme sports is a great way to get your blood pumping.
  • Read 100 Books Challenge- Knowledge is power. Enough said.
  • Try Something Completely New- Breaking out of your comfort zone is difficult, but powerful. It will make you a better man.
  • No Video Games or Television for a Week- How tough are you really? Do you have the discipline to go a full seven days without turning on your flat screen?
  • 100 Beers Challenge- Do not try to drink 100 beers in one sitting. Instead, try 100 different beers or ales OVER TIME. This is a marathon, not a sprint.