No story gets greater than this, according to Yahoo! News, a man in a Gumby suit tried to rob a convenience store in San Diego, but didn’t get away with the pokey!

Gumby told the clerk he was robbing the store, then fumbled inside his costume as if he was going to pull out a gun. He ended up dropping 27 cents on the floor while being told by the man behind the counter “not to waste his time.”

The 7-11 clerk didn’t report the encounter, but told his boss, who called police after watching the encounter on surveillance tape. Detective Gary Hassen told San Diego’s 10 News that the clerk had never heard of Gumby and described the costume to police as “a green SpongeBob SquarePants.”

Police are taking the matter very seriously and are looking for the suspect. People of San Diego should be on the lookout for, well, a Gumby. There’s a $1,000 reward. Sounds like a Block Head job! Here's a great video from the robbery: