A drug smuggler in California ended up with a little too much spice in his life after being busted trying to hide more than $100,000 worth of crystal meth in cans of jalapenos and nacho cheese sauce. Naturally they seem like good hiding places don’t they?

The unidentified man was stopped at a Mexican border crossing, where officials found the cans, which they deemed to be too heavy since they contained more than seven pounds of the drug in addition to the spicy treats. Now, I’m not a drug smuggler or a genius by any means, but wouldn’t you ditch the cheese and jalapenos and keep only the drugs?

Our friend ended up having his stash and car seized and got to say "cheese" to the guy taking his mugshot photo. Let one’s troubles lead you to a free dinner from The Soda Fountain in Remsen with our Idiot @ 8. Enter tonight’s keyword “Cheese” inside the Classic Reward Club.

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