I don't know why you would ever go fishing nude, but apparently one man felt the need to take all his clothes off while he was hoping to land the big one. Authorities in Spokane, Washington arrested a man for fishing in nothing but his birthday suit on the bank of West Medical Lake. A man fishing on the lake with his two sons called authorities about the nude angler. According to the HeraldNet.com police asked the man, 54-year-old Dean H. Meginniss, to put on some clothes if he wished to continue fishing. The man complied. However it turns out our naked fisherman is also a felon:

...deputies also ran a check on his name and discovered Meginniss had an outstanding warrant for stalking. Meginniss was arrested on the warrant, and also for indecent exposure. He was previously convicted for indecent exposure in 2009, making Sunday's arrest a felony. HeraldNet.com

It seems to me if I was wanted by the police the last thing I would do would be to draw attention to myself. Then again I would never consider going fishing naked, there are just to many places a hook could end up in.