Now we’ve had a few bizarre stories lately that our crack staff of zombie experts here at Oldiez 96.1 think are all related to a possible zombie apocalypse. Here’s another one to add to our files. A set of lungs was found on a sidewalk in South Los Angeles near Compton on Sunday afternoon. That’s right, a random pair of lungs.

The Sherriff's Homicide Bureau is looking into the case, suggesting that the found organ belonged to a human, but that's yet to be confirmed. Lieutenant Jack DeMello told City News Service the lungs were found "right there on the sidewalk at the start of a driveway. You'd think someone would see someone throw it out there."

Even creepier than finding a pair of lungs is the situation in how it was reported. Nobody reported this until almost an entire day had passed. It’s not like someone didn’t see it, Especially given their very public resting place:

The woman reportedly discovered them in the 13100 block of Avalon Boulevard, right in front of a CVS parking lot. Across the street is local dive bar The Boom Boom Room, and a Popeye's sits at the nearest intersection.”