Maybe you are not into football and your thinking are there any good movies I can watch over the holiday weekend. Well yes there is and here is your top 5 list.TLC.Com has compiled a list of 5 of the best Thanksgiving movies to watch over the holiday weekend. Here they are from #5 to #1.

5-  Home For The Holidays- stars Robert Downey Jr., Dylan McDermott,  Holly Hunter and Ann Bancroft.

4-  Son In Law- If you are not a fan of Pauley Shore, this may not be a movie for you.

3-  The Blind Side- Stars Sandra Bullock in an Oscar winning performance. It was one of 2009s most viewed box office movies.

2-  Planes, Trains And Automobiles- A comedy that hits the right mood for a family Thanksgiving.

1-  A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving-  The gold standard for Thanksgiving movies. It actually won an Emmy in 1973. Maybe none of these movies float your boat, if not there is always The Expendables 2 just out on DVD. Rent it for the holiday weekend. Whatever you watch enjoy and have a great holiday weekend!