Tomorrow may be Valentine’s Day, but two local basketball powerhouses won’t be sharing the love on the court. Mohawk Valley Community College is traveling to Herkimer County Community College for a basketball game that may make or break the playoffs.

WIBX is reporting the last time they met in January, a fight between fans broke out in the stands. The game was eventually declared a ‘no contest’ with about 40 seconds left to play.

Donald Dutcher, Director of Athletics for HCCC, says the schools’ rivalry is usually good-natured.

“You know, there’s a great rivalry between MVCC and Herkimer,” Dutcher said. “And it’s not just basketball, it’s every sport. When you’ve got two colleges that are so successful athletically, that are only 15 miles apart, the rivalry even intensifies with the great athletes that we both draw to our institutions.”

Read the full game preview here.

[via WIBX]