Lest you think that once people make it big in showbiz, they just roll in dough, think again! Lena Headey plays Queen Cersei on HBO's wildly popular 'Game of Thrones' TV series but her bank account doesn't reflect her stardom. She is flat broke and literally has less than a $5 bill to her name. Why?


Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Well, it's not cause she's squandered it away on living the big life, she's locked in the middle of a nasty divorce from her husband and they're haggling over a rather hefty tax refund last year to the tune of $46K! Her husband is demanding half of the refund (which seems fair to me as they filed jointly) but she and her 2 y/o son are currently living on credit which is why she feels she should get a bigger cut. Can't say I blame her. She expects more acting income to roll in in the near future but divorce expenses are killing her. She's proposed to the court that she and her estranged hubby, musician Peter Loughlan split $12K of the refund down the middle and dispute the rest later.

She originally filed for joint custody but now she's accusing Peter of being an unfit dad to keep him from taking their son to Ireland. Gosh, why do these things have to get so nasty? Poor little Wylie. Hopefully his mom and dad can work this out before he gets old enough to understand what happened. I can relate to how they all feel, but just goes to show you: stardom does not equal easy street. They've got the same problems we all do, and usually magnified by the media. How would we feel if the whole world could see our dirty laundry?