Every so often, a new photo craze comes along and everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Planking (which is basically Pilates in different situations) Vadering, which is the simulation of Darth Vader using the force to put someone into a choke hold, and many others thanks to the help of digital technology.

Have you seen the latest craze?  It's called Koaling or maybe it should be called "Go ahead and call 911 because I'm about to get hurt".  Maybe that title is just too long, but basically the photo is of yourself clutching onto something the way a Koala might clutch a tree before he shimmies up to grab himself some tasty eucylyptus.

Here is a pic of my little koala attempting his own "koalaing", but we kept safety in mind.  I have seen much crazier and riskier pictures online.  Don't try this at home kids...or don't do it without a net!