Friends and family will ask what you want for Christmas. Hopefully you’re not too old to enjoy something like Star Wars toys. The perfect gift ideas this holiday season!

Growing up I’ve always been a huge Star Wars fan. Who doesn’t love stories of the Death Star, or the Jedi Order? According to, here are some crazy Christmas gift ideas for the Star Wars geek in your life:

  • The Darth Vader Robotic Arm- This idea is awesome for someone who may be lazy. It grips and holds lightweight objects using interactive controls.
  • Lego Minifig Sith Alarm Clock- What could be a more perfect match than combining the magic of Star Wars, Legos and a buzzing alarm clock.
  • Star Wars Wampa Rug - The Wampa is a fictional polar bear-like creature from The Empire Strikes Back. You can enjoy it on your floor despite the fact you didn't have to kill it or skin it. Gives any home a little more class!
  • Star Wars Golf Club Covers- May the force be with you on the fairway.
  • Star Wars R2-D2 Pepper Grinder- Cooking a romantic meal for a beautiful woman is a great way to improve your chances of romance. Pulling out R2-D2 when putting pepper on her food is a great way to eliminate any chance of closing the deal.

If anyone is doing any last minute shopping for me, the Robotic arm is pretty nice!