After the most fierce week of voting yet between 51 nominees for the Keith James All Star Band drummer and more than 35,000 votes cast, Ken Race of Downshift has emerged victorious with nearly a third (30%) of the total vote!

15 y/o phenom, Gunnar Coston of Coston gave Ken a run for his money coming in 2nd with almost 27% of the vote and JP Clubs of WICKED came in at 3rd with 9%. Runners up included Patrick Orlowski of Simpleprops, Alan Miller of BoCNY, Maurice Putrello of Soul Injection, Jeremy Schor of Soundbarrier and Joe Rossi of Showtime.


photo: (Ken Race) Dawn Race

Ken will join me on keys, Jared Wentrick on guitar, Walt Butler on bass and an as yet unchosen singer onstage November 7th at Cavallo's for a fun one-of-a-kind jam! Next up, get your nominations ready for who you'd like to see sing behind the waiting microphone center stage in our Super Group! Click below for the link and let's keep this ball rolling. Nominations will last for the next week and then it's voting the week after... Let's do this!