If you've ever picked up a Rubik's cube and then promptly put it down in frustration, I feel your pain. Put down the screwdriver and forget about peeling stickers off and putting them back on, you don't need a degree in quantum physics in order to solve it. I can teach you how to do it and faster than it would take with one of the redneck solutions I just hinted at! So, in the interest of paying it forward, I'm kicking off a tutorial series to demystify the puzzle that has stymied so many for a third of a century... Here's the first of several videos, and if your jaw happens to drop to the floor, pick it up because when I'm done with you, you'll be the hit at parties, hopefully without waving your geek flag too high though ;)



The world record solve is something like less than 10 seconds and they actually have World Series of Cubing if you can believe it. I have a life to live however, so unfortunately I can't devote more than a few minutes to it, but as you can see it works!


KJ Solve Photo: Phil Nye