Maybe you spent most of your New Years Day next to the toilet ready to be sick, well this won't help you feel better. Kathy Griffin spent much of her New Year's Eve on her knees pretending to give co-host Anderson Cooper oral favors live on CNN. Yup, what a sight I'm sure that must have been.

The first problem with this whole picture, why is Kathy Griffin still on TV? She has to be the worst comedian of all time.

Griffin, who dropped the F bomb in 2009 and attempted to strip down to her underwear last year, outdid herself Tuesday night in her quest to shock the veteran newsman by referring to his genitalia on air and later attempting to simulate oral sex on her openly gay best friend. "I'm going to tickle your sack," his comic co-host immediately said. "You can say sack [on air.] That's not bad.”

At least Kathy kept her clothes on this year, no one ever wants to see her strip down. Check out the video from her little awkward performance.

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