Julia Lescova was born in a small town in Latvia. In 2006, she won the title of ‘Best Model in the World’ and landed her first acting role in a popular television show in Turkey. Since then, Julia has worked on national campaigns for Guess and other top fashion brands and magazines.

While Julia is incredibly beautiful, were going to have to hear a little bit more about this ‘Best Model in the World’ crown. Exactly who sponsored the ‘Best Model in the World’ pageant? We’re going to need to see some financial records. Not that we don’t believe she could win, but because the title sounds very sketchy. It sounds like a variation of a trophy that grade school kids would compete for on the playground. “Ok, the next team that scores a goal is named ‘Best Team In the Galaxy’ and will go on to play the blue team for the overall crown of ‘Most Awesome Group To Ever Play on the Earth.’”

We’d like to award our own trophy to Julia. Congratulations to her on winning the ‘Best Model Named Julia We’ve Fantasied About Today.’ She was a heavy favorite.




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