John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John recently released a Christmas album called “This Christmas:. This Christmas I recommend not buying it after listening to the song “I Think You Might Like It”. Fact is, you probably won't like it. 

I feel bad because its Travolta's and Newton-John's first Christmas album, and this song is an orginal. However, it doesn't have the same feel as a “Holly Jolly Christmas” or the “Christmas Song”. It was pretty brutal to sit through. Check out the video.



I get it that Travolta is a pilot, but was there really a need to land the plane next to a house? No one does that in real life unless you have a fortune like John Travolta. Also, why does he always do that dance? It isn't “cool baby cool”. Another pet peeve from the video, why are they both wearing black? Is this an emo/goth Christmas song?

It was just super cheesy. Of course that's my opinion and maybe not yours. If you want to check out the rest of the album, you can pick it up for a smooth $11 by Clicking Here.

It wasn't the worst Christmas song ever made like this one...