Remember when we were talking about John Lennon‘s tooth going up for auction? Well it finally did this past Saturday in Stockport, England, and it reportedly fetched $31,300 nearly twice the $16,000 it was expected to bring in during Omega Auction’s Vinyl, Music & Film Memorabilia sale. We have the story from Ultimate Classic Rock.

The winning bid, which was placed by neither the tooth fairy nor Steven Tyler, came from a Canadian dentist named Michael Zuk. The author of ‘Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist,’ a book about celebrity teeth, Zuk now will display the tooth in his office and plans to take it around to other practices and dental schools.

“Once I heard it was up for sale I had to have it,” Zuk tells the BBC. “Some people will think its gross, others will be fascinated by it.”

The late Beatles star gave the molar to his then-housekeeper Dot Jarlett when she was working for him at his Kenwood mansion in Surrey, England, back in the late ’60s. When sold at auction, the tooth came with an affidavit verifying its authenticity signed by Dot.

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