Jimi Hendrix‘s musical legacy is beyond reproach. No one will ever be able to top him, and no one should ever try. Now many people think celebrities and musicians are much different than us regular people, but that isn't always the case. Just like regular people, Jimi received criticism about his career from his father. 

According to Jimi’s sister Janie, the younger Hendrix agreed with his father’s critical assessment of his vocals. “Jimi never thought he was much of a singer,” she shrugged in a recent interview. “My dad was a decent singer and he could be brutally honest. He would say, ‘You can’t sing, so it’s good you can play guitar.’”

Of course, stressed Janie, that didn’t mean Al Hendrix was being unkind. “He was very supportive of him in the guitar arena, but he was just being honest,” she explained, and when Jimi’s turn for the spotlight arrived, father and son shared a lighthearted moment.

So next time you think back how hard your Dad was, realize that Jimi Hendrix and yourself were in the same boat.

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