A new line of clothing that features Jimi Hendrix will hit the shelves of New York's Bloomingdale’s later this month. The collection has been fully licensed by Experience Hendrix, LLC, the company founded by Hendrix’s father to make sure that his son’s image is not exploited. 

The apparel is being manufactured by Lyric Culture, who have struck licensing deals in the past with such acts as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. The Hendrix line will feature proprietary designs with some of Hendrix’s most famous lyrics on t-shirts, men’s dress shirts, cufflinks, scarves and hoodies. According to Hanna Rochelle, Lyric Culture’s founder, “Some pieces even include Jimi’s actual handwritten lyrics incorporated into the fabric prints.”

Just in time for the holidays! It'll make a very cool gift. You can read more by Clicking Here.

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