There's a certain code that NFL players follow, and they very rarely criticize each other. So when Jerry Rice, considered by many to be the greatest wide receiver in the history of the NFL, speaks up and bashes another NFL player, people listen.

According to, during a recent interview, Rice unloaded on the recently retired wide receiver Randy Moss, pretty much calling him lazy.

"It was hard for me to swallow because I was not as talented and I had to work harder," Rice said. "To see a guy with that much talent not give it 100 percent, it was almost like a little slap in the face.

"He could have been one of the greatest if he had worked just a little bit harder. I don't think he wanted to give it 100 percent. You never knew what you were going to get with Randy. Sometimes you'd get the unbelievable guy, the amazing guy. Other times you'd get the guy that took a couple plays off."

Those are some fighting words!