If you’ve been on an airplane before you know the meals can be slim and quick, or served in multiple courses with a tablecloth, metal cutlery, and glassware. Of course the days of peanuts are long gone, but what other bar style drink will be served on airlines? This will take you back to your college days!

Draft beer will be served by Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways starting July 20th. That’s right, this summer in Japan you can drink in the mile high club!

For the first time, fliers will be able to tap into specialized kegs installed onboard but only on domestic flights in Japan. A cold one will cost you 1,000 yen, or about 11 bucks. So basically a really pricey bar and not your friends college dorm party!

Draft beer couldn't be served before because fluctuating air pressure created too much foam. Supposedly, new beer keg technology was developed to solve the problem.