Ok, until maybe a couple of days ago, I had no idea that Kindergarten Day existed.  When I spoke to my honored guest, Sue Gustafson, who is a Kindergarten teacher at Westmoreland Road Elementary School in Whitesboro, was also surprised when I mentioned it to her.  Catch my interview with her at around 11:15 today.

Nation-wide recognition?  Maybe not, but maybe it should have it.  I'm sure the role of Kindergarten teacher is often times a thankless job, so maybe Kindergarten Day was formed as a day that we can recognize just how hard these mentors work,  although Mrs. Gustafson did mention that the hugs and kisses that she receives from the kids at the end of each day, is certainly reward enough.  I was privileged to speak to Mrs. Gustafson, whom her children call "Mrs. Gus", because Gustafson can certainly be a mouthful for this radio announcer, let alone a group of kindergartners.  I personally wanted to take a moment to thank Mrs. Gus, and Kindergarten teachers everywhere, for the extremely hard work they do.  They may not hear it often, but the Chipster is certainly thankful.  Take a look at these wonderful kindergartners hard at work!