The 7th Annual Record Store Day is tomorrow, and Bruce Springsteen is releasing an exclusive 4-track EP of unreleased songs on vinyl. 

"American Beauty" hits stores tomorrow, and reviews have noted that nearly all the instruments and vocals are recorded by The Boss himself.  The 4 unreleased songs will probably be available digitally at some point, but if you want to hear it tomorrow, you'll have to buy the vinyl!  Or you can listen to one of the new tracks now, streaming here.

Remeber the great "record stores" of Utica's past?  I miss pouring over the racks at Record Realm or Last Unicorn.  Heck, I even put in a few unforgettable months working at the Unicorn when it was in the plaza in South Utica.  Digital music sure makes it easier, but nothing can replace the experience of opening a crisp new gatefold cover...

Enjoy Record Store Day tomorrow!