Women love to brag about how much they love their girly beauty products. They will talk for hours about how much they love nail polish, hair straighteners, and of course perfume. However, these items must not be everything because some days she will just steal something of yours out of the file cabinet. 

Our friends over at Shine put together a list of items women will steal from than man on a daily basis. Do any of these items apply to you?

Nose Hair Trimmer

She will use this on the bikini area, the upper lip, or the eyebrows, this little gadget is great for ladies, as well as lads.

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is awesome for her legs because it's thick and never runs. However, she will choose not to buy her own, but steal from you instead.

Men's Deodorant

Let's face the facts: Mens stuff is much stronger than womens, and it's cheaper. Have you ever had to try and use hers? Good luck not smelling like BO all day.


Instead of buying her own, she will use yours. You will find out that your new razor mysteriously is getting duller even though you're shaving much less.



What is she stealing from you on a daily basis?