Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain has just announced that the band is done recording/making new music. Is it really time to stop believin? I'm afraid so.

The news comes from Cain was on the record saying the following:

"You know, we're not convinced the market will bear another CD from us. And it's so much work to make one . The last album we made . . . kinda wasn't received very well here in the States, and it barely sold 100,000 [copies]. After all that time and money, y'know, what are we doing here?”

So what do they plan on playing at all their shows? How about the their amazing catalogue they already have?

"We got a lot of songs that we're not even playing. So, we're like, 'What's the point of makin' a new CD right now?' If anything, we'll make an EP."

What do you think? Should Journey continue to make new music?