As you enter the city of Rome, you are greeted with a revolutionary way Fort named Fort Stanwix. Many residents of Rome believe this fort is haunted with a variety of ghosts.

Unlike other haunted locations who only have weird experiences at night, paranormal experiences have been reported around the clock. According to some reports, unseen presences are felt throughout the day, door knobs turn, doors open and close, and lights go on and off, with no plausible explanation. Also the alarm system inside the fort has been tripped numerous times with no reasonable explanation.

The building that stands there today is only a modern recreation of the original Fort Stanwix, but it reminds us of the bravery demonstrated in 1777, when the Fort was under attack by the British.

As with many locations that have a bloody history, Fort Stanwix is reported to be haunted. Many of these spirits are connected to the history of the building. Drum and fife music is reported to be heard from the parade grounds. Apparitions of spirits dressed in American and British military uniforms are reported wandering around the grounds. A one-legged man is spotted in the living quarters."

Now I haven't been to the Fort in a long time. But I do remember hearing footsteps and the sounds of someone sweeping the floor. Rumor has it at sunrise you can hear a woman crying for her sick child.

Is Fort Stanwix haunted? Have you ever heard any of these sounds?

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