If you're a fan of A&E's “Storage Wars” you know its a show filled with drama between two grown men: Dave Hester and Darrell Sheets. Who knew that two grown men could have so much drama? However, it seems it may have hit a new all time low. Darrell Sheets has called Dave Hester a fraud, and even found a “website” to prove it. 

It may have all seemed to stem since Dave Hester called “Storage Wars” fake. Either way, while on Twitter I stumbled across this tweet from Darrell:

So there is a website called davehesterfraud.com. On this site you're greeted with this horrible excuse of a photo-shopped image, by the way it's NSFW:


It has to be the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. Also, it looks like the worst website ever developed. If Darrell had the amount of braincells like he does arm hair he would have used a professional web developer like Townsquare Interactive. I think middle schoolers have better web knowledge than Darrell.

On this gem of a website, readers are informed this:

Don't do business with this CON-ARTIST. He will take everything you have and sell it to his friends at a private auction for way below what it's worth and then resell it for top dollar at another auction house. Dave Hester Auctions operates WITHOUT a LICENSE and WITHOUT a BOND as required by the Secretary of State. This guy is a THIEF and a LIAR. He is currently being investigated by the police department for Criminal Misappropriation of Property. Hester is currently being sued and has been sued several times for similar bad behavior of MISAPPROPRIATING PERSONAL PROPERTY all involving other peoples property in the Orange County Superior Courts. Check out his reviews on YELP and be sure to review the filtered reviews!! “

So who do you believe? Darrell who set up a crappy website that pictures Dave Hester as hitler? Or do you go with Dave Hester and the #YUUUP Party?

Even though I didn't use to like Hester, I've converted to the darkside. I've never been more disgusted with Darrell. It's truly sad that a grown man has to develop a website like this to slam his competitor.



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