Hey all of you drunk-texters and typers, your savior (or your downfall!) is here! This keyboard works just like your conventional computer or phone keyboard but in place of the keys are 44 beer cans (yup, counted em), filled! Robofun-Create says you can hook it up to any laptop or computer and you're off and running. Although, it does raise some questions, such as what is someone to do when they get, um... thirsty? Or where do you store it when you're not using it, the fridge? Sounds like a heck of a drinking game in the works!



This was created as a part of a promotion for Staropramen Beer (Yeah, I've never heard of it either but they're owned by Coors) and contestants typed in their email address using the keyboard which put them in the running for a trip to Prague and you can see it in action on the video below. You simply touch the top of each can and it registers as a keystroke. Highly impractical and slow but it's definitely novel! Of course the clown in me would probably start mixing up the letters just to goof people up, or just use my 'magic' and cause keys to just start disappearing... directly down my throat!

Can't imagine this thing lasting too long should it happen to make an appearance on Varick St., of course we'd have to replace the European beer with some Saranac Pumpkin Ale, again and again and again!