Are you sick of those same lame boring noisemakers? Want something super awesome this year? Check out this, the brand new Havas WW's Buzzed Buzzer. This company created a noisemaker hat only makes a sound when the person using it is drunk. Happy drinking! 

It’s called the Buzzed Buzzer and has a working breathalyzer controlling the noisemaker horn. Unfortunately, there’s no way of switching the thing to turn the noisemaker OFF when the person blowing on it is wasted. Want to know how to make it? We got your back. Here's what you'll need:


- New Years’ party horn (get a few in case you ruin one - they’re cheap)

- Teensy 2.0 microcontroller (anything similarly tiny like the Arduino Micro should also work)

- Alcohol sensor

- 10kohm resistor

- Any buzzer that works on about 5v

- Sparkfun LiPo battery and charger 0.1”

- male header pins wire

- blu-tac

- The Buzzed Buzzer Arduino sketch


Get the full directions by Clicking Here.


This may be the best invention of 2012!, hands down.



[ via Buzzed Buzzer / Gizmodo]