Every father has a daughter whose obsessed with Hello Kitty. Now Dad's finally have a reason to get excited for a cartoon cat. Introducing The Hello Kitty Brew, yes you can now buy a Hello Kitty Beer.

So what kind of lager are we talking about for a Hello Kitty Beer? Far from that actually.... According to Fox News, The Hello Kitty brew comes in at least six tropical flavors, from passion fruit to banana. Also these beers are only 2.3 percent alcohol by volume.

“It's almost like drinking fruit juice, even if the cans do say 'beer,'” read a review in Kotaku. “The lemon lime flavor tasted like a light limeade of sorts, almost losing the lemon flavoring. It was smooth and sweet, like a lime soda. It didn't taste like beer.”"

Finally, some father-daughter bonding time... Cheers.

Enjoy A Samuel Adams Sampling At 99 Restaurant In New Hartford On September 12th

Is one of your favorite parts of fall drinking an ice cold Samuel Adams? Well join other local beer lovers at the Samuel Adams tasting at 99 Restaurant in New Hartford. The party starts at 5PM on September 12th. There will be drink specials and other food specials as well.