There has never been a better time for beer drinkers. You can get almost any beer made anywhere in the world at your local grocery store. Amazing right? Even what beer comes in has seen a big improvement…. Maybe till you read this.

Heineken is now selling their beer in a box. It’s called the Heineken Beer Cube.

Heineken's Cube concept provides a square bottle that's more efficient and economical for stacking, packing and traveling with bottles of suds, both from distributor to store, as well as in your home fridge. The concept, created by the French industrial designer Petit Romain, actually recalls an earlier rectangular-shaped Heineken bottle developed by the Dutch brand in 1963, which was intended to be recycled and used in construction.”

It’s hard to imagine kicking back on the patio with a box of beer. It just doesn’t feel right, does it?



[via foodrepublic]