Alexandra Beier/Getty Images

Beer lovers get ready for the first community hops garden in America. Where in America is it?

The garden will be located at the corner of 38th Street East and Dight Avenue in Minnesota. The garden will operate with the belief that gardeners will share tasks such as planting, weeding, and watering. In the fall time, gardeners will harvest the hops and cut down the bines over the course of several weeks. Again, that's the belief.

An idea that’s been brewing for more than two years over at the Minnesota Beer Activists’ headquarters will take shape soon, when the group, lead by Executive Director Andrew Schmitt, will grab a tiller. Schmitt explained that while craft and home brewing has seen a renaissance, beer makers have few resources for fresh, locally-grown hops. “Nothing is as good as taking those fresh cones and throwing them into your home brew,” said Schmitt. It lets you taste how “beer is supposed to be.” Hops gives beer a bitter note, and is the foil for the sweeter side of beer.

The group plans to build the garden infrastructure this summer to prepare for next year’s growing season. So get your drinking glasses for next summer time.

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