What's better on a hot day in summer than a cold beer? Some may argue that Ice Cream is the better choice but we all know that isn’t the case. What if we combined the two and gave you frozen beer foam dispensed like soft-serve ice cream? That may hit the spot.

The Japanese beer company Kirin has been putting the frozen foam on top of regular, unfrozen beer. The foam acts as an insulating lid, keeping the beer beneath it cold for 30 minutes. The beer is said to have a creamier taste and texture due to the frozen foam than regular beer in an icy mug. As the foam melts, it won’t dilute the beer with water as regular ice cubes would because the foam itself is, of course, beer.

No word yet on when the soft-serve beer foam will be topping brews outside of Japan, but the Australian market might be willing to give the suds a try.

This video has no English, but you’ll get the idea.



[via MSNBC]