Even though we just entered 2013, I'd like to make my first prediction of the year. “One Pound Fish” from Muhammad Shahid Nazir will soon top Psy's "Gangnam Style" as the latest internet trend. What exactly is the song “One Pound Fish” all about? Here's a couple song facts and the video. 

The singer of “One Pound Fish” is Muhammad Shahid Nazir. He is a Pakistani immigrant to the United Kingdom originating from the town of Pattoki, Kasur in Pakistan. Once he made the move he began working at a fish stall at Queen's Market where his employer instructed him to use a “trader’s call” to attract customers. He soon created the next internet master piece.

“Come on ladies, come on ladies

One pound fish, one pound fish

Have-a, have-a look

One pound fish

Very, very good, very, very cheap

One pound fish

Six for five pound one pound each”

So far it has become an internet viral video. So far the song has been covered by Alesha Dixon, Timbaland, Boy Better Know and Mindless Behavior.

Introducing: One Pound Fish.





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