You love tequila, you love fried foods. What happens when you put the two together? Deep-Fried tequila.

Now you're going to have to make it, it's not available on shelves just yet. But never fear, it's pretty easy. Here's the recipe:

1) Just cube up the Angel Food Cake into small squares..that can pop into your mouth! You can either buy already made angel food cake, or make your own batch.

2) Dip it quickly into the tequila (keep in mind, the more you dip..the stronger they will be)

3) Now gently place them into a 350 degree pot of 2' Oil.

4) Fry them up until they're golden on all sides.

5) Let them cool on some paper towel. Then enjoy.

Be sure to include these at your next party because they sound amazing.