Most of the time we find the singer/songwriter types to be a tad bit annoying, but when it comes to Ingrid Michaelson, we don’t mind but it might be based on pure sex appeal.

Though she has been active in the industry since 2002, we are new to the Ingrid Michaelson craze.  Not the music you would usually catch us listening to, but hey, even we need to mellow out a little bit. Plus it doesn’t hurt that she is a smokin’ hottie.  There is something about a girl with glasses and a piano that just makes our blood boil.

You have probably heard some of her songs on shows like ‘Scrubs,’ ‘Bones’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ if you tune in for any of those shows. Her fifth album ‘Human Again’ just dropped and includes the single ‘Ghost.’ She is promoting the album with a spring tour that includes stops all around the country.  All we ask is that she dress the way she does in the ‘Ghost’ music video below while she is on stage, but that may make our heads explode.