Sometimes you may tend to go a little over board when it comes to getting gifts for your boss at Christmastime. And more times than usual you send a message that you are trying to get brownie points.When you are thinking of something simple and easy to get your boss, avoid anything that says #1 Boss. This only tells him you will tell him what he wants to hear just to get ahead, then tell your co workers what an idiot he really is.

Another thing to avoid would be a weekend pass to a swingers club. Even though swapping may sound good to you and a lot of other people, you learn that your boss and his wife are very religious and have been together for nearly 30 years.

And finally an official NFL football signed by the entire Dallas Cowboys team. You then learn that his favorite team is The New York Giants. Therefore any points you may have gotten with the #1 Boss plaque are long gone. Play it safe when deciding on a Christmas gift for your boss, do your research.