Today I was reading about the guy from New Jersey that won the 338 million dollar lottery jackpot, about how he paid rent for his entire neighborhood.  Most people fantasize about winning the lottery.  They think about the first thing they would buy, how they are going to spend it, where are they going to live, what kind of car (or cars) they would drive, etc.  Here's what I hear a lot..."Invest it"  What?  Why?  Why would I want to invest money in a risk that may or may not pay out?  The simple task of putting 200 million dollars in the bank, would garner enough interest to where you would never ever have to worry about money again.  Many of us say that our lives aren't going to change, we're going to be the same simple folk as we always have been.  Yeah, right.  Get real.  Money would change any of us, whether you want it to or not.  Your friends will change, people will come out of the woodwork explaining that they need your help financially.  Do you think you could handle all of the stress?  So here's what Chip would do...First of all, I would get a lawyer, before I would even come forward with my winning ticket.  I want to make sure there is no publicity.  I don't want anyone other than my close friends to know about my new fortune.  I would probably disappear for awhile, see everything I want to see, then move somewhere quiet...peaceful.  I would likely live well, but not too showy.  Ultimately I would never look at another coupon for as long as I live.